Alright, it’s time for me to unveil my secret for maximum energy, minimum cravings, better skin, weight loss without deprivation and best of all… it’s a treat that I love to eat!   Coconut manna.  It’s basically the coconut flesh and oil pressed into a delicious spread.   I just take a big old spoonful whenever I’m feeling like I want chocolate or ‘ahem’ an eclair, and it satisfies my craving, gives me healthy energy and tastes amazing, kind of like vanilla fudge.  It even keeps you slim!  If you haven’t tried it here’s a few more reasons why you may want to:

 WHY is it so amazing?

The benefits of unprocessed coconut are countless.   Coconut oil kills off and limits candida (or yeast) in your system.  An overgrowth of yeast in your body is often what causes sugar cravings and lethargy in the first place, not to mention bloating, gas, acne, inflammation and yeast infections. Eating sugar and processed foods, taking anti-biotics and stress encourage yeast growth, so it’s important to limit it whenever you can.  Coconut oil is also very rich in Medium Chain Triglycerides, which are used by your body as energy, instead of stored as fat (as long as you’re moderately active).  Coconuts are also very nourishing and immune boosting.  They are a superfood and an ultimate ‘good fat’.   You feel full and satiated by them because of the healthy fats and fibre, so cravings and hunger disappear and you have more energy.  Coconut oil has even been proven to help with Autism and Alzheimer’s.

I love the fact that as long as I’m exercising and eating a mostly fresh, unprocessed diet that I lose excess fat when I eat the coconut butter regularly.  I’ve never before found something that satisfies my sweet tooth & cravings for rich foods and is so beneficial for my health and helps me stay lean.  It’s truly a magical part of my diet.   

You may recall my earlier blog on ditching sugar to have a stronger immune system, drop excess weight, heal skin problems, increase energy levels, avoid that 3pm tired, cranky feeling, and rid the body of candida/yeast and all it’s unpleasant symptoms.    Well it’s easier said than done because if you’re like me, you want a little treat every day and you enjoy your sweets~!    So i replaced ALL sweet treats with coconut manna.   And I’ve never felt better.  When you’re trying to eat clean and lean you can often be left feeling…wanting.  Grab a spoon of this stuff and feel satiated by it’s sumptuous, rich creaminess.  Eat clean, laugh often, move your body to flood it with oxygen, get enough sleep and eat coconut manna.  And ‘every-ting will be irie.’

tip:  you can find coconut manna at a health food store or health section at some grocery stores, or order online.  I like the Nutiva brand, and other brands may call it ‘coconut butter’ .  There is often a layer of coconut oil on top when you first open the jar so be sure to dig down below this to the tasty, sweet manna underneath, which is a thicker creamier colour than the oil on top.  I like both but the oil is not sweet.


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